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Ready to live the healthiest version of your life that you have dreamed of? You're in the right place!

Emerge offers Empowering, Holistic Tools for Weight Loss.

This site is filled with empowering tools and strategies that are research-proven! Become confident in your ability to lose weight. Thousands of people have used Emerge's resources to:

  • lose weight 
  • make lasting lifestyle changes
  • manage stress without emotional eating
  • engage in a sustainable workout program
  • eat for weight management
  • track progress
  • gain support from others

You absolutely have what it takes! 

Are you considering setting a health or fitness goal? This quick assessment is a great place to start! Tell me about your goals and obstacles, and within 48 hours I'll email you some suggestions that may help you on your journey:

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Goals are Easier to Achieve with the Support of friends!

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Free CourseS to launch you into success

Want to begin working toward your goal, but aren't sure where to begin? These courses can provide you with tools and resources to begin making manageable, realistic steps toward your health and fitness goals.



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Featured Program: Strong & Lean

This 4 week training program is designed for individuals who have access to a gym and want to take their fitness to the next level. Workouts include empowering weight lifting, cardio, and intervals that burn fat and increase lean muscle.

Program also includes steps to calculate your BMI (body mass index), and a calculator for daily caloric recommendations to meet your specific goals. The program goes over nutritional suggestions and basic diet guidelines to maximize changes in your body. 


Want to get started?

together we design custom plans for you to reach your goals. Plans can  include:

  • meals

  • fitness

  • strength training

  • weight management