Making lifestyle changes can be hard.

But you're capable. You've overcome challenges in life to make it this far- and if you can do that, you can lose weight and take control of your health.

Research has shown that people only achieve their goals 35% of the time when try to do it by themselves.

Gain the support you need. Emerge offers you empowering support and tools you need to to achieve your goals. Work toward your goals as efficiently as possible using research-proven strategies. Emerge partners with you to create a customized, realistic plan that will lead you to lasting lifestyle changes.

What makes Emerge different than working with a personal trainer at the gym?

We address all aspects to lasting lifestyle change, not just the physical or nutritional. And we address any issues that have prevented you from seeing results in the past. With our resources, support, and plans, you have all the tools you need to live your best life.



Coaching is a service that gives you professional support on your journey to pursue your goals. A Health Coach has studied behavior change theories, nutrition, and personal training, and is an expert in partnering with you to set and achieve realistic lifestyle-change goals. A coach provides you with resources, knowledge, and strategies that will empower you to make lasting changes. 

Most health coaching sessions are conversations where we talk about where you are at currently, where you have been, and where you want to go in the future. From there, we develop a realistic strategy for the week, and then check in via email until our next session to see how you're doing. 


Research has shown that having support toward your goal significantly increases the chances of success. Coaching focuses on the following topics:

  • Addressing root issues that have prevented you from achieving goals or seeing lasting results in the past
  • Coping with stress in healthy ways
  • Gaining the support you need from friends and family to achieve lifestyle changes
  • Empowerment through resources and educational tools so that you gain everything you need to see long term results, even after coaching concludes
  • Being proactive in addressing challenges that you will face on your journey
  • Health coaching can focus on exercise, nutrition, or other topics that are specific to your mind and body's well being

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meet the health coach: Aimee frazier

"Since becoming a Coach in 2012, I have partnered with hundreds of people to support them in overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals. Coaching allows us to come together to create realistic life changes that will empower you. Coaching provides the framework, strategy, and accountability you need to make steps toward your best life."

Aimee is a:

  • health coach
  • personal trainer
  • sports nutrition coach
  • expert in behavior change theories
  • BS degree in health and human kinetics

In 2010 I began working as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Coach, supporting clients with customized exercise and meal plans. I worked for a large, corporate gym, and began putting the science behind my Bachelor's degree (Health and Human Kinetics) into practice. The body is miraculously designed to change and adapt. It's how muscle is built, it's the reason the body looses weight, and it's how athletes continually improve their performance. My passion for experiencing science began to overflow, and many of my training sessions included a brief science lesson to connect the science to the goal that a client had.

My clients, once understanding the science behind exercise and diet, were able to make changes that lead them to better health. Seeing my client's bodies change was incredibly rewarding! 

After several years I transitioned into Success Coaching. Coaching is the process of connecting with someone and laying out next steps to make progress from where they currently are to where they want to be, or who they want to become. It is a process of asking questions, uncovering obstacles, and setting realistic goals. Coaching and accountability has the power to transform lives. With a little support, structure, and strategy, people can achieve anything they set their mind to! Coaching addresses core issues, and then begins to unravel the complexities of how to make a lasting life change.

My passion for coaching led me to start Emerge Coaching. I started the business in 2012 with the vision to offer different services based upon the needs of each person that I worked with. I chose the name Emerge because of what it symbolizes. Coaching is the process that we go through that is both vulnerable and transformative, and as a result of the process, you emerge. Connecting with clients is the best part of my week that I really enjoy! 

In January of 2015 I got married to a wonderful and supportive man, Paul. We enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible. This includes kayaking, hiking, and training together, often for the Hood to Coast Relay. We have two pets, Douglas and Maple, that we adore.

I look forward to providing you with resources for your journey through my blog. You can connect with me at any time, I'm happy to answer questions. I look forward to seeing you Emerge.

Cheers to your health,

Aimee Frazier


EMERGE HAS BEEN FEATURED ON THUMBTACK one of the best Coaches in the Portland, Oregon, area. Emerge now offers coaching services fully online for people all over the US.