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"Aimee was excellent in helping me get focused on my health, eating habits and looking into what's happening in my life to cause stress. She helped buildup my confidence in being able to handle those situations and not let stress take over."

-Jodi M.

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"Aimee is an excellent coach who helped design a workable program for me to train with. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, encouragement, and positivity made me feel safe while pushing me to become healthier. She was flexible with my schedule. Aimee cares about the people she coaches on a personal level and invests a lot more than time into each person she trains. She is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her!"

-Tirzah B.

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"Aimee helped put together a meal plan and the process was efficient. She explained each aspect of the plan, why she put together the foods she did, and offered alternatives if I didn't like the food items on the plan. She checked in to see how things were going to keep me accountable. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her during the process and would gladly seek her advice whenever I need the help."

-Corby J.

Success Stories:


Joyce and I began working together as she finished up a divorce. At the age of 55, she was ready to make some changes with her life and have a fresh start, including a healthier body. When we began working together she was 160 pounds and the charts labeled that an"unhealthy" body fat range. Within our time together, Joyce discovered her love for water aerobics and walking, and started attending group aerobics classes. In our training sessions Joyce and I focused on building physical strength, which helped her to build muscle mass and increased her metabolism. She began to become more energetic, gained stamina, and increased her confidence. She became more comfortable with going to the gym by herself and became immersed in a new community of friends from her group classes. We worked together for 7 months, and in that time frame she lost 32 pounds, and gained all the tools she needed to maintain those results long term. 

Total lost: 32 lbs in 7 months
Total gained: new friendships, increase in confidence, and a healthier life

Kevin was entering a weight-loss transformation contest, and the winner was eligible for a $20,000 grand prize. Kevin excitedly told me about his aspirations to win the prize, and we set off on a journey to transform his body and change his life. Kevin's family and I met every Saturday morning and he would stand on the scale to check his measurements and body fat percentage. Every week he was consistently loosing weight and building muscle. We designed a sustainable meal plan that allowed him to build muscle mass while letting go of fat, and still eat foods that he enjoyed. Our training plan included lifting weights, cardio, and we added high intensity interval training mid-way through to keep his metabolism high. His dedication to training was unshakable! In our four months of working together Kevin learned balanced eating habits, significantly changed his appearance, and lost a total of 36 pounds! While he didn't win the contest, he did earn a new lifestyle and healthy habits.
Total lost: 36 lbs in 4 months